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What clients are saying about their Reiki sessions...

Ocean wave and sandy beach.

Margret C.

"I had a Reiki session with Heather for pain in my lower back and hip. They were hurting so much the night before that I could not get out of bed without help. I could feel my whole body relax from the pain with her meditation instructions. And, as she worked on the various areas of my body, there was a comforting warmth emanating from her hands which further relaxed me. She worked on the front of my body and my back. I felt so much better at the end of the session. The tightness and spasms were gone. She had me do some stretching at the end that also helped. I would highly recommend treatments from her."

Ocean wave and sandy beach.

Kelsey L.

"Heather is a fabulous Reiki practitioner. I booked a distance session with Heather to help ease a lot of stress I was dealing with and our session left me feeling peaceful, calm and grounded. My body felt relaxed for the first time in weeks. I highly recommend energy work with Heather, your body will love it!"

Ocean waves and sandy beach.

Emily W.

"I had the pleasure of experiencing the Reiki service provided by Heather at Universal Vibrations recently. I had no idea what an enjoyable and helpful experience this would be. First, she was very accommodating. I asked her if we could do the session at my house and it was not a problem! She brought her table and tools and created a work space in my bedroom. I love her table set up. She has a special heating pad with amethyst crystals inside of it! She made sure I was comfortable and put on relaxing music. From the initial conversation, right through to the Reiki treatment itself, I felt completely relaxed and able to let her work her magic. I felt an immediate release of stress and a feeling of deep relaxation. She gave me relaxing prompted visuals that helped me stay focused on my meditative state. After the treatment she talked to me about what she was doing and what she felt. I learned about my chakras and the importance of each of them. After the session I felt refreshed and grounded. It put me in a good place to reflect and journal and I love that she could help bring good energy into my home. Thanks, Heather!"

Pamela A.

"Incredible experience. I very physically felt the energy move through the point of pain and dissipate. She is such a gentle and kind healer."

Mark C.

"Heather is an excellent Reiki practitioner. She listens to your needs and makes you feel very comfortable. I highly recommend her."

"Wow! This was my first experience with Reiki or a Reiki practitioner and I'm sold! I didn't really understand how it worked going in, but coming out I was floating. Heather's energy is so grounding and pleasant and I felt safe to fully let myself experience the treatment. The "treatment" was me laying on a cushy, comfortable massage table with a heated amethyst crystal filled far infrared BioMat. I could feel my energy shift throughout my body while Heather walked around me and held her hands above me. (If you don't know anything about Reiki - you never get directly touched which is pretty cool) this eventually turned into total and complete relaxation. The music that was playing was also great and helped me to go deeper into a relaxed floating state. My brain seemed to turn off it's normal business and go into a totally different, elevated place for me. Kind of dreamlike but without the weird stuff. 
I can see how this practice can really help you get through stress, illness, or emotional stuff, but it's also great if you just want to do something nicer for yourself. I can't wait to go back and do it again. I feel like it's the kind of thing that you get better at the more you do and the effects would be cumulative. I loved it and I loved Heather!"

Deena K.

Dave C.

"I've had very meaningful sessions with Heather. She is great at making the process clear, relaxing, and rewarding. I always feel better afterwards."

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